Vision & Mission

Vision of the College- The empowerment and liberation of the backward community through knowledge.

Our Mission- To create a team of disciplined, creative, objective oriented and dedicated citizens through value based quality education

  • To provide qualitative education and personality enhancement to young minds belonging to the socially and economically backward sections of the society.
  • Develop human skills and honour human values
  • Instill scholastic thinking and aesthetic appreciation

The institution revolves round the vision and mission of the college. The underlying message has been effectively conveyed to all the stakeholders of the college. They have been made aware of the message behind the vision and mission through the whole-hearted involvement and contribution by the management and faculty. The vision and objectives of the college are explianed to the parents and students on the admission day itself. The annual report declares how the vision and mission is being translated into action by the management, faculty, staff and students of the institution. The following steps are also adopted to publicize the vision and mission of the college

The professionally maintained and regularly updated website highlights our vision and mission. The college calendar and magazine are reviewed and renewed every year, incorporating new and necessary information. The teachings of the Guru (Guru Vachanam) displayed in front of the office and the college campus remind one of the vision and mission of the college. Newly admitted students are made aware of the vision, mission and objectives of the college through the orientation classes conducted at the beginning of the first year degree programme. The newly admitted students with their parents are invited to the introductory and awareness sessions arranged a couple of days before the regular classes commence. Every working day of the college begins with an invocation to the Almighty, “Daivadasakam” a poem composed by Sree Narayana Guru. This sacred prayer chanted by the academic community everyday, goes deep into the mind and heart of every student and every staff and reminds us all forever the great values of the Guru that the institution stands for.