Student Clubs & Assiciations

1.National Cadet Corps (N.C.C)
National Cadet Corps is a premier youth organization of the country. The NCC is a unique organization that offers to young boys and girls a variety of activities that include institutional training, community development, adventure, sports and youth exchange programmes. It instills in the cadets a sense of discipline, social service, esprit-de-corps and co-operation besides developing their latent qualities of leadership, spirit of adventure, environmental awareness and adaptability. Both girls and boys subunits of NCC Army wing and Naval Wing have been functioning in the college. The cadets undergo institutional training of four hours duration per week and the cadets should attend the centralized camps like Annual Training Camp, National Integration Camp etc. of 12 days duration. Cadets who have the required attendance to a their credit and have shown sufficient progress can appear for B and C Certificate examination conducted by Ministry of Defence

Incentives of NCC

The NCC offers the cadet reservation and weightage of marks for admission to higher studies. The University of Kerala awards grace marks (maximum of 10%) to eligible cadets. The Central and State Governments have allowed various job incentives to NCC cadets. The NCC, B certificate and C certificate are valid and acceptable for entry to Armed Forces in various cadres including commissioned officers. Various scholarships are also granted to outstanding cadets.

2.National Service (N.S.S.)
The National Service Scheme aims at education through community service; it is intended to arouse the social conscience of student community by preparing them to be useful to society. The NSS unit has been selected as the best unit at University level for the last two years. Membership in N.S.S. is voluntary. There are 4 units in the college. Each unit has strength of 100 students. Volunteers who complete 240 hours of work in two years and attend one special camp of 10 days duration during the above period are eligible for a certificate issued by the University. Membership in N.S.S. and a certificate from the University will be treated as additional qualification while making recruitments to public service.
N.C.C.& N.S.S. Certificate holders shall be awarded a weightage of 15 marks for Degree and 5 marks for Post Graduate admission
3.Departmental Associations
The following departmental associations are organized in the College at the beginning of each academic year, soon after the college Union elections.
1.Bhasha Sahithya Samajam
2.Politics Association
3. Economics Association
4. Commerce Association
5. Physics Association>
6. Zoology Association (SNOZYS)
7. Chemistry Association
8. Botany Association
9. Computer Science Association
10. History Association
11. Philosophy Association
3.College Students Union
The Students of the College elect a college Union from among themselves in each academic year as per University Rules. A Chairman, Vice Chairman. General Secretary. Arts Club Secretary, Students Editor, two University Union Councillors, two Lady Representatives and Class Representatives and Secretaries of various associations are elected. The College Union is excepted to provide the students an opportunity to understand democrative processes and to train them into useful citizens. It will also organize co-curricular activities to develop the talents of students. A College Magazine is published by the college union at the end of very academic year. Students can contribute their literary and artistic works for publication in the magazine.
4.Sree Narayana Study Centre
The aim of Sree Narayana Study Centre is to popularize the vision and philosophy of Sree Narayana Guru, to bring together, from various walks of life, the people interested in his teachings, to conduct classes for people to know about him, to make available his original works and commentaries published so far, to implement his teachings for the moral upgradation of the society. Co-ordinator: Sri M.V. Krishnamoorthy, Dept. of Malayalam
5.Legal Literacy Centre, S.N. College Unit
As per the direction of the Kerala State Legal Aid and Advisery Board,Legal literacy centre has been functioning in this college since 1987. The objective of this centre is to acquaint the student community with the basic and general laws of the land. Classes by legal experts are conducted for interested students on various legal subjects like Constitutional laws. Motor Vehicle Laws. Building laws. Prevention of damages to public property. Police Act. Consumer Protection laws, Laws relating to Drugs etc. Dr. E.N. Sivadasan of the Department of Politics is the Programme Officer of this Centre