College Library and General Rules.

1.All students of the college shall become members of the Library.
2. The Library has three main sections
a).Reading and Reference Sections
b)General Section (G.S.)
c) Departmental Section (D.S.)
Reading and Reference Section
1. The reading room is meant for students to sit and read.
2. Students shall prove their identity, if the Librarian demands so when entering or after having entered the library
3. It will remain open on all working days from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
4. Books, magazines, news papers etc. belonging to this section shall not be taken out.
5. Students are expected to be in this section of the library during free hours.
6. Students shall handle books, periodicals and news papers with utmost care and place them intact before leaving the library.
7. Students are expected to be co- operative in keeping the library neat, tidy and order.
General Section
8. Book will be issued only on production of identification cards. Loss of identification cards must be promtly reported to the Librarian. Loss of identification card A new card will be issued on payment of Rs. 1/-
9. A student is permitted to borrow only two volumes at a time. These volumes however, shall not belong to the some section.
10. Books taken out by students shall not be retained for more than 7 days. Failure to return a book on the due date entails a fine of Rs 1 per day per volume.
11. Books taken for a vacation shall be renewed after one week.
12. A student against whom any fine or other charge is outstanding will not be issued books from the general or departmental library. Further he / she will not be allowed to attend classes if the dues are not cleared within a month.
13. Transfer or sub- lending of books is strictly prohibited.
14. Marking, underlining etc., in any book or magazine is forbidden.
15. Books borrowed from the library shall be returned forthwith if the librarian directs so.
16. Students shall bring to the notice of the Librarian damage if any, in a book while borrowing failing which they will be held responsible for such damage
17. Compensation for books lost, damaged or defaced shall be paid by the borrower as estimated by the Librarian
18. Prescribed text books will not be issued to the students
19. Students shall return their library cards at the end of their course.
Departmental Section
Books can be reffered and borrowed by students from the respective Departmental section for home reading for such period and in such manner as is prescribed by the Library rules