Facilities in the college

1.Research Facility
Department of Zoology offers research facility under the guidance of Dr. B. Indira and Dr. K. Shiny Sreedhar
The college has a spacious auditorium where college assemblies, meetings, seminars and variety entertainments are conducted. It is also put into use as an indoor shuttle badminton court
3. Internet Club and Common Computer lab
An air-conditioned computer lab with 30 computer systems and another computer lab with internet facility having 10 computer systems ''are utilized in the college for the various classes, programmes and the activities of the internet club.
4. Digital Conference Hall
LCD multimedia projector and arrangements for power point presentations are available in the air-conditioned Digital Conference Hall which are made use of by various departments
5. Meditation Hall
Meditation hall is open to students and staff throughout the day on all working days
6. Counselling Centre
Personal counselling is given to the students and outsiders with psychological problems. A separate cabin for this is provided in the Department of Philosophy
7. Public Telephone:
The public telephone in the college helps the students and the public
8. Dhanalakshmi Bank Extension Counter
This extension counter is meant for the convenience of staff and students in banking operations. It also aims at promoting thrift and savings among the staff. It remains open between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (on Saturday 11 a.m. to 12 noon)
9. Staff Co-operative Bank Ltd. No. A - 756
The College has a staff Co-operative Bank. It aims at promoting the financial condition of the members of the Teaching and Non Teaching staff. The Bank is managed by a Board of Directors elected by members of the staff from among themselves.
10. Sree Narayana College Co-operative Society Ltd. No. A -394 A
Co-operative Society is functioning in the College to supply the needs of the students and staff regarding text books stationery articles, laboratory records, exercise books etc. Members of staff are share - holders of the society and students are associate members. On admission to the College every student shall pay Rs 5/- as fee for Associate membership. The amount shall not be refunded.
11. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Programme Centre
IGNOU has launched a limited study centre for commerce in this college. B. Com and M.Com Courses are conducted through this Centre [(No. 1446 (P)]
12. Seminar Hall
It is made use of by various departments for meetings and seminar presentations. General staff meetings are also held regularly in this venue.
13. Canteen
Lunch and refreshment are provided at subsidised rates for the students in the college canteen.
14. Gymnasium
The college has an equipped gymnasium hall meant for the benefit of the staff and students.
15. University Information Counter
The Counter is open to the students and the public during college office hours.
16. First - Aid Cell
The cell working under the N.S.S. offers first - aid service to the students and public.
17. Tissue Culture Lab
A well - equipped tissue culture lab which is utilized in a major way for regenerating endangered species, especially medicinal plants, functions under the department of Botany. Tissue culture saplings are sold with the assistance of the South Indian Agro Farms with which the Department is collaborated.
18. Ladies Hostel
The Sree Narayana College has a Girls hostel “Sisiram”. The hostel is located with in the campus. The College principal is the Chief Warden of the hostel . The hostel has a Deputy warden from the teacher faculty of the College who is responsible for discipline maintenance of the buildings alottment of room and any other duty assigned by the Chief Warden from time to time. The hostel also has a resident Tutor from the teachers faculy to look after the immediate needs of the inmates and to assist the deputy Warden. It is mandatory that all girl students who are not staying with their parents shall be permitted to stay only in the College Hostel.