Payment of Fees

1. Tuition fees will be collected in 3 termly installments. The first installment of fees including the special fees prescribed and Caution Deposit will be collected from the students of senior classes within a period of seven consecutive working days beginning from the date of re-opening of the college. In the case of students of junior classes the same will be collected on or before the 7th consecutive working day of the month concerned. The Principal is competent to fix the due date for collection of fees for the various classes.

2.Schedule of Fees

Course Tuition fee Spl.fee Caution money
I Year B.A / B.Com Rs. 660 Rs. 890 Rs. 360
I B.Sc. Physics/Chemisty 660 1115 360
I B.Sc., Botany/Zoology 660 1190 360
I B.Sc., Computer Science 4400 1040 1000
I M.A. Economics 1100 990 600
I M.Sc. Physics/Botany/Zoology 1100 1740 600
II B.A. /B.Com.. Rs. 660 Rs. 405 Rs. 81/96
II B.Sc. Physics/Chemistry 660 630 101/121
II B.Sc., Botany/Zoology 660 705 141
II B.Sc. Computer Science 4400 555 360
II M.A. Economics 1100 430 1425
II M.Sc. Physics/Botany/Zoology 1100 1180 1500
III B.A./ B.Com. Rs. 660 Rs. 415 Rs. 49/105
III B.Sc. Physics/Chemistry/
Botany/Zoology 660 565 120/109/129
III B.Sc. Computer Science 4400 565 320

Note: I. The fee rates shown above are tentative. If there is a revision, the balance will have to be paid.
ii. Tuition fee is to be paid in 3 termly installments and all other items of fees on enrolment.
iii. Students joining BA/B.Sc./B.Com. Classes from other Universities shall pay the Matriculation fee of Rs. 50/- after admission and apply for recognition of the qualifying examination. They should produce eligibility certificate along with their application.

Students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Eligible Communities are exempted from payment of fees. Those who belong to other backward communities are also eligible for fee concession, if they produce income certificate from the Village officer together with a community certificate issued by the Thahasildar (income of family shall not exceed Rs. 25.000/- for students of Degree classes and Rs.42000/- for P. G).

3. Fee concession
I (a) Applicants belonging to the SC/ ST/ OEC. Kudumbis and Christian converts from scheduled castes and sheduled Tribes who are Bonafide subjects of Kerala State are eligibe for full concession, stipend and lumpsum grant for purchase of books and dress. They will have to produce at the time of admission a Certificate of Nativity and Certificate of Community, if the community is not shown in the S.S.L.C/S.S.C Book.
b.) Applicants belonging to backward and forward communities who are bonafide subjects of the Kerala State are eligible for full fee concession , if the income of their families does not exceed Rs. 25000/- in the case of students of degree class and Rs. 42,000/ - in the case of Post Graduate Class as per the Kumara Pillai Commission report. (No concession in respect of B.Sc Computer Science).
c). Exemption from payment of Tuition Fees is allowed to the Children/ Grand Children of “Political Sufferers” if the income does not exceed Rs.15, 000/per annum.
Note : Applicants eligible for fee concession will have to produce the following certificates at the time of admission. 1. Applicants belonging to the SC/ST, Kudumbi and Christian converts from SC/ST should produce an Income Certificate and Community Certificate in original.
2. Applicants belonging to OBC must produce an Income Certificate (in the prescribed form issued by the Village Officer and counter signed by the Local Panchayat President/ Chairman of Municipality/Mayor of the Corporation/ Honorary Magistrate/ M.L.A or M.P.)
3. The income of both the parents must be shown in the form and Certificate of income of the Guardian will be accepted only in the case of orphans or in other exceptional cases.
4. Community and nativity certificates in the prescribed form have to be submitted within 15 days from the commencement of class, if this has not been done, fee will have to be paid.
5. Applicants who do not produce the necessary certificates at the time of admission will not be admitted unless they pay the prescribed fees.
6. In the case of applicants whose parents died in harness while in State Government service, harness fees concession will be granted on production of necessary documents, provided the income of the guardian does not exceed Rs. 4000/- per annum.

Refund of caution deposit
1. Caution deposit levied will be refunded when the student completes his/her course of study, after deduction of dues if any.However in the case of student leaving the College with his /her T.C. before Completion of the course of study, the caution deposit will be refunded, after deduction of dues if any.
2. Students must apply for their caution deposits in the prescribed form on the specified dates.
3. Students applying for caution deopsits shall produce the receipts issued for remittance of the deposit. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the amount.
4. After completion of a course, claim for refund of caution deposits should be made by the applicant before the re -opening of the College. If this is not done, the names of those who have not claimed the deposits will be published on the college notice board.