Extension Activities

The Department of Zoology has installed an Apiary to promote apiculture in the locality. Classes are given to the students and public on beekeeping and thereby enable them to start such small scale programmes for additional income..
2. Vermicompost Unit.
A vermicompost unit is set up by the Department of Zoology for effective waste management and the production of organic manure.
3. Electronic Chock Manufacturing Unit.
The Department of Physics has started this unit to manufacture and supply electronic chocks to the public
4. Medicinal Garden.
Under the auspices of the Department of Botany medicinal plants are cultivated.
5. Butterfly Garden.
Butterfly Graden set up by the Ever-green Eco Club to attact butterflies
6.Bio-Gas Plant.
Minor project undertaken by Dr. Vinod Haridas for Bio-Gas production from kitchen waste and aquatic plants.